Minister Kamp opens the Westermeerwind wind farm


Emmeloord, 21 June 2016. Today the Westermeerwind wind farm was officially opened by Minister Kamp and the two initiators of the wind farm, Tjitte de Groot and Peter Meulendijks. The 48 Siemens wind turbines of the largest near-shore wind farm in the Netherlands generate an amount of energy comparable to the consumption of 160,000 households.



Westermeerwind wind farm officially opened by Minister Kamp and the initiators of the wind farm, Tjitte de Groot and Peter Meulendijks. (@Westermeerwind)

The installation of 48 wind turbines is completed in one year.
Anne de Groot, Director of Westermeerwind: “Over 20 years ago, the initiators started the development of Westermeerwind. It is now tremendously satisfying to know that the wind farm makes a substantial contribution to the generation of sustainable power. Excellent partnerships with Siemens as well as local and national businesses and organisations allowed the construction of the park to be completed in a year.”

Henk Kamp, Minister of Economic Affairs: “In the transition to more sustainable energy we need wind farms like these. Due to the longstanding commitment of all parties involved, there is now a wind farm that delivers a substantial contribution to the goals of the Energy Agreement for Sustainable Growth, with a maximum reduction of 230,000 tonnes CO2 a year. Economically this farm is also of importance: 300 temporary and 30 structural jobs have been created and Dutch companies have gained new knowledge that can be marketed internationally.”

The main contractor, Siemens, together with its subcontractors and the Westermeerwind project team installed 31,000 tons of material in one year, using 65 ships and barges in nearly one million man-hours. Several Dutch companies played an important role in this project, including Mammoet Van Oord for logistics regarding the foundations and turbines and VBMS for the installation of electrical cables between the wind turbines to the substation on the Mainland.


Long-term boost to employment
The very windy location and quality of the selected turbines provide an excellent energy yield. At present, about 220 GWh of green electricity has already been generated. Siemens will maintain the wind farm for a minimum period of fifteen years.Westermeerwind is thus a long-term boost to employment,” said David Molenaar, director of Siemens Wind Power. “Not only directly for the people who work here over the next fifteen years, but also indirectly for supply companies”.

A wind farm -for and by the polder: shareholdings and Westermeerwind App
Initiators and local farmers Tjitte de Groot and Peter Meulendijks: “For us it was clear from the beginning that this wind farm should be a wind farm for and by the polder. Therefore, in 2017 about a year after the wind farm starts producing electricity, it will be possible for residents and farmers from the Noordoostpolder, Urk and former Lemsterland to subscribe for shares and bonds”. The wind farm supports local sustainable initiatives and organises educational projects for elementary schools. It is also possible for anyone to follow the production of Westermeerwind via the Westermeerwind app, available for iOS and Android.

About the Westermeerwind wind farm
Westermeerwind was built in the waters of the IJsselmeer along the dikes of the Noordoostpolder. It is the largest nearshore wind farm in the Netherlands and consists of 48 wind turbines of 3 MW each – there are two rows running along the Westermeer dike and a single row running along the Noordermeer dike, as well as a transformer station on land. See: Westermeerwind is part of the Noordoostpolder wind farm with 86 wind turbines in the water and on land, along the dikes of the IJsselmeer. See: Westermeerwind outsourced the supervision of construction and operation of the Westermeerwind wind farm to Ventolines located in Emmeloord. 99% of the electricity is purchased via Eneco 99% by the Dutch Railways, which runs over one-third of Dutch trains on Westermeerwind electricity.

Wind farm Westermeerwind achieves full power


Emmeloord, March 29, 2016. This weekend Wind Farm Westermeerwind achieved an important milestone. All wind turbines produced maximum power output of 3MW per turbine, meaning that the wind farm produced its maximum capacity in power production of 144MW.  This is an excellent achievement, especially given the last turbine was installed less than a month ago and part of the wind farm is still in the testing and commissioning phase.
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Siemens installs last turbine at Westermeerwind Wind Farm at this time the largest wind farm in the Netherlands


Siemens installs last turbine at Westermeerwind Wind Farm at this time the largest wind farm in the Netherlands

Emmeloord/The Hague, 1 March 2016. The construction of the 48 wind turbines for the Westermeerwind Wind Farm in the IJsselmeer is complete. Siemens has finished installing the final turbine. The wind farm will commence operations following the test phase. The very windy location and the quality of the selected turbines will ensure high sustainable electricity production, as is already clear.
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Siemens installs two thirds of Westermeerwind Wind Farm


First group of turbines provides over 26,000 households with electricity

Emmeloord, 10 February 2016. Today, Westermeerwind Wind Farm has reached an important construction milestone. Siemens has fully installed two thirds of the 48 wind turbines. The first group of eight wind turbines has also been transferred to Westermeerwind. This already enables over 26,000 households to benefit from renewable power, obtained from the wind farm under construction. Lees meer →

Windpark Westermeerwind supplies its first electricity to the grid


Windpark Westermeerwind has reached an important milestone of its construction. Last weekend the wind turbines generated the first durable wind energy. All 48 wind turbines will be installed and connected during the next months, and wind energy should be generated for about 160,000 household by spring 2016. Lees meer →

Important milestone: The installation of wind turbines in Westermeerwind has started


The installation of 48 Siemens wind turbines for nearshore Windpark Westermeerwind in the IJsselmeer has started. The first tower was placed today on the foundation that had already been completed in May

The towers are brought directly to the construction site, from the port of Amsterdam through the IJsselmeer along the dike of the North East Polder. Each shipment carries, among others, two upright tower parts of no less than 50 and 40 meters high, comparable to apartment buildings of 16 and 13 floor respectively. Lees meer →

Important milestone reached: Nearshore Transformer Station Windpark Westermeerwind is ready


Today the on-land nearshore Windpark Westermeerwind transformer station was powered up. This is an important milestone for the project, because it is an absolute pre-requisite to be able to use the first wind turbine.

Transformer station
Siemens’ Project Manager Willie Wienholts: “The energy that the 48 wind turbines will generate in the IJsselmeer will be brought to the transformer station using electricity cables. The generated electricity is then transformed into high voltage in the transformer station and is fed onto TenneT’s national electricity grid. The transformer station has various switches that can connect or disconnect wind turbine clusters and transformers, for example, for maintenance reasons. Automatic protection, automatic control and remote control of the wind farm are also present in the transformer station. As well as power meters to deliver green power to Eneco”. Lees meer →

Eneco purchases energy from Wind Farm Westermeerwind


Eneco purchases energy from

Wind Farm Westermeerwind

Emmeloord / Rotterdam – 25 July 2014 – Yesterday, Wind Farm Westermeerwind and utility company Eneco signed a long-term purchase agreement for wind energy. For a period of 15 years, Eneco will purchase all electricity generated by what is the largest near-shore wind farm of the Netherlands. Westermeerwind has thus ensured itself of a long-term client and Eneco will be able to provide more customers with turbine-generated electricity. Lees meer →