Emmeloord, March 29, 2016. This weekend Wind Farm Westermeerwind achieved an important milestone. All wind turbines produced maximum power output of 3MW per turbine, meaning that the wind farm produced its maximum capacity in power production of 144MW.  This is an excellent achievement, especially given the last turbine was installed less than a month ago and part of the wind farm is still in the testing and commissioning phase.

The very windy location and the quality of the selected turbines allow for optimal power production. The final stages of testing and commissioning are now being completed by main Contractor Siemens, and when these works are completed, the final sections will be handed over to the Employer – Wind Farm Westermeerwind. The 48 turbines, together with the cable connections and the onshore transformer station, will consistently generate sufficient renewable energy for some 160,000 households by mid Spring.

About Westermeerwind Wind Farm
Westermeerwind is built in the waters of the IJsselmeer, along the dikes of the Noordoostpolder. It is the largest near shore wind farm in our country, and consists of 48 wind turbines of 3 MW – divided into two rows along the Westermeer dike and one row along the Noordermeer dike – as well as an onshore transformer station. The wind farm will produce wind power for 160,000 households. See: westermeerwind.nl
Westermeerwind is a part of the Noordoostpolder Wind Farm, with 86 wind turbines offshore and onshore, along the dikes of the IJsselmeer. See: www.windparknoordoostpolder.nl

Westermeerwind has outsourced the construction supervision and management of the Westermeerwind Wind Farm to Ventolines from Emmeloord. As main contractor, Siemens is building the Westermeerwind Wind Farm, and will maintain it for a period of at least fifteen years. Many Dutch companies are working on the project as subcontractors, including Van Oord and Mammoet for the foundations and the installation of the wind turbines, and VBMS (VolkerWessels Boskalis Marine Solutions) for the cables to the transformer station. The power is purchased by Eneco.