A wind farm for and by the polder
Residents of the Noordoostpolder, Urk and Lemsterland all look out across the IJsselmeer. That is why the initiators of Westermeerwind Wind Farm decided in an early stage that their wind farm in the IJsselmeer had to become a wind farm for and by the entire polder. In 2017, one year after Westermeerwind Wind Farm will become operational, residents and agrarians from the Noordoostpolder will be able to take part through bonds or shares. In addition, 32 residents who could not realise their small-scale wind projects because of the municipal policy for linear arrangements, may invest a maximum of 1 Megawatt in the wind farm.
As soon as the entire Noordoostpolder Wind Farm is in use (Westermeerwind, NOP Agrowind and Zuidwester), the villages Creil, Espel, Rutten, Tollebeek and Nagele will receive an annual Wind Fund.

Residents and companies from Urk see more and more benefits of the wind farm

There were some bumps in the road during the planning and construction of the Westermeerwind Wind Farm, which is now increasingly visible behind Urk. But now that the preparations are in full swing, the mood appears to have changed, compared to a few years ago.