Important milestone reached: Nearshore Transformer Station Windpark Westermeerwind is ready


Today the on-land nearshore Windpark Westermeerwind transformer station was powered up. This is an important milestone for the project, because it is an absolute pre-requisite to be able to use the first wind turbine.

Transformer station
Siemens’ Project Manager Willie Wienholts: “The energy that the 48 wind turbines will generate in the IJsselmeer will be brought to the transformer station using electricity cables. The generated electricity is then transformed into high voltage in the transformer station and is fed onto TenneT’s national electricity grid. The transformer station has various switches that can connect or disconnect wind turbine clusters and transformers, for example, for maintenance reasons. Automatic protection, automatic control and remote control of the wind farm are also present in the transformer station. As well as power meters to deliver green power to Eneco”. Lees meer →