Last foundation pile installed for Westermeerwind nearshore wind park


On 23 May, the Van Oord/Mammoet joint venture drove the last foundation pile into the bed of the IJsselmeer, completing the foundation work for the Westermeerwind wind park. The installation of the 48 foundation piles in the bed of the IJsselmeer went extremely smoothly. Lees meer →

Eneco purchases energy from Wind Farm Westermeerwind


Eneco purchases energy from

Wind Farm Westermeerwind

Emmeloord / Rotterdam – 25 July 2014 – Yesterday, Wind Farm Westermeerwind and utility company Eneco signed a long-term purchase agreement for wind energy. For a period of 15 years, Eneco will purchase all electricity generated by what is the largest near-shore wind farm of the Netherlands. Westermeerwind has thus ensured itself of a long-term client and Eneco will be able to provide more customers with turbine-generated electricity. Lees meer →