Windpark Westermeerwind has reached an important milestone of its construction. Last weekend the wind turbines generated the first durable wind energy. All 48 wind turbines will be installed and connected during the next months, and wind energy should be generated for about 160,000 household by spring 2016.

44 km of electricity cables installed by VBMS and connection to the grid by TenneT

Ondertitel: De eerste 17 Siemens windturbines zijn compleet en het windpark heeft afgelopen weekend de eerste duurzame windstroom geproduceerd (@Westermeerwind)

The first 17 Siemens wind turbines have been completed and last weekend the wind farm generated its first durable wind energy (@Westermeerwind)

Last June, VBMS (VolkerWessels Boskalis Marine Solutions) completed the installation of 44 kms of electricity cables for the wind farm. 42 connection cables were laid between the wind turbines and 6 export cables were laid to transport the energy from the wind turbines to the onshore transformer station. The generated electricity is transformed to high voltage in the transfromer station and is fed onto TenneT’s national electricity grid. The wind farm is controlled from this station.

First 17 complete wind turbines installed by main contractor Siemens
After the Van Oord/Mammoet cooperation drove the last foundation pile into the bottom of the IJsselmeer at the end of May 2015, main contractor Siemens started positioning the tower sections mid-July. The tower parts are brought to the construction site from the port of Amsterdam, through the IJsselmeer and along the North East Polder, with a special transportation ship. The complete rotors are pre-mounted in Oude Zeug (close to Medemblik) and transported over water to the wind farm shortly before installation.

About wind farm Westermeerwind
Windpark Westermeerwind is built in the water of the IJsselmeer along the dikes of the North East Polder. It is the largest near shore wind farm of our country and it consists of 48 wind turbines of 3 MW each – positioned over two rows along the Westermeer dike and the Noordermeer dike – and a tranformer station on land. It is expected to generate wind energy for 160,000 households. See:

Westermeerwind is part of Windpark North East Polder with 86 windmills in the water and on land, along the dikes of the IJsselmeer. See:

Westermeerwind has contracted out the supervision and management of Windpark Westermeerwind to Ventolines in Emmeloord. Siemens is the main contractor of Windpark Westermeerwind and will provide maintaince service for the wind farm for a period of at least fifteen years. Various Dutch companies cooperate with the project as subcontractors, including Van Oord and Mammoet for the foundations and the installation of wind turbines, and VBMS (VolkerWessels Boskalis Marine Solutions) for the cabling to the transformer station. The electricity is purchased by Eneco.