Installation of 44 km of cables and construction of onshore transformer station

VBMS (VolkerWessels Boskalis Marine Solutions) installed and buried a total of 44 km of electricity cables in the bottom of the IJsselmeer. This concerns 40 connection cables between the wind turbines themselves and 6 export cables, with which the turbines are connected to the mainland. The energy supplied by the 48 wind turbines is led through the electricity cables to the onshore transformer station.
Through the onshore transformer station, built by Siemens Energy Transmission, the wind farm is connected to TenneT’s switching station along the Westermeer dike. In the new transformer station, the generated electricity is converted to high-voltage and supplied to TenneT’s national electricity grid. Among other things, this station handles the automatic control, security and operation of the wind farm. The station also contains the electricity meters for the supply of green electricity to Eneco.