18-09-2014  One year on, and the development of the new nature reserve in IJsselmeer by the Rotterdamse Hoek is progressing well. There is now a diversity of birds and plant growth, and zebra mussels can also be found there.

These flora and fauna point to healthy development of the nature reserve. The plant growth and the accrual of zebra mussels is already providing a suitable foraging and rest area for water birds. The number of great crested grebes has now increased tenfold compared with the count before the area was created. Later this year, winter birds such as the smew and gossander are also expected to put in an appearance.

This ecological development means the underwater nature reserve behind the maritime safety facility is doing precisely what it was intended to. The maritime safety facility is a 1,100 m long guided dam for ships which was developed in 2012-2013 in preparation for construction of the Westermeerwind Wind Farm. Construction of the wind farm itself is now under way and is due for completion in 2016.