Representatives of Westermeerwind Boskalis Nederland put their signatures to the contract on 4 April 2012. Westermeerwind has appointed Boskalis Nederland to construct a guided dam for shipping in the IJsselmeer by the Rotterdamse Hoek in the North-East Polder. The dam will have a length of 1,100 metres with a shallow onshore sheltered zone. Once construction of the dam is complete, Westermeerwind will build 48 wind turbines in the water. This project is the offshore part of the Noordoostpolder Wind Farm.

Safety for commercial shipping and sheltered zone
Several ships use the navigation channel along this section of the Noordoostpolder. To facilitate commercial shipping and minimise the chance of collisions, Westermeerwind is to construct a guided dam between the navigation channel and the wind turbines in the water.
At the same time, construction of the dam offers a unique opportunity to create an attractive area for winter birds to rest and forage. A shallow sheltered zone covering 22 hectares will thus be constructed on the land side of the dam.

Collaboration with Boskalis Nederland
The company Ventolines of Emmeloord managed the tender process for Westermeerwind. The decision was taken to work with Boskalis Nederland. Preparations for the construction are now fully under way. The engineering consultancy Arcadis is supplying the engineering of the dam and the sheltered zone to Boskalis. Construction will begin in July.
Tjitte de Groot and Pieter Meulendijks of Westermeerwind: “Noordoostpolder Wind Farm is going ahead and of the 86 wind turbines, we will build 48 in the IJsselmeer. We are proud of this. Boskalis Nederland is constructing the dam for us. The company understands the various needs of shipping and nature in the region and submitted an efficient and solid work schedule.”
Bart Pröpper (Director Boskalis Nederland): “Energy is one of our key business drivers and so we are delighted to be involved in the construction of this fantastic project, and also support a more sustainable society.”

Westermeerwind is one of the project partners which will construct a subproject of the Noordoostpolder Wind Farm, the largest wind farm in the Netherlands. The company is to construct 48 offshore wind turbines. By 2015, there will be a total of 86 turbines working to full capacity. They will generate no less than 1.4 billion kWh of sustainable energy annually – enough to supply 400,000 households. This means the Noordoostpolder Wind Farm is a European frontrunner.

Financial investment
Westermeerwind BV or a subsidiary will over time offer the residents of Noordoostpolder, Lemsterland and Urk opportunities to invest.

Ventolines operates in the dynamic and fast-growing wind energy market. The project organisation focuses on the development, realisation, financing and management of wind farms.

Boskalis Nederland
Boskalis Nederland operates across multiple fields. The company is active in the construction and maintenance of ports and waterways, the creation of land in water, the protection of banks and coastlines, raw material extraction and trading and the construction of infrastructure. Boskalis Nederland is a contractor for traditional specifications and design & construct assignments, but also acts as a partner in public-private collaboration, jointly develops new spaces and new nature and provides initiatives in regeneration and innovation.